for Motion Graphics, Compositing, Graphics and Image Scanning
for video

Apple's Motion has grown up. It now commands its own
17"-wide KeyGuide with huge control over interface and operations.

Side One (left)
offers display control, image tools, text and media input functions.

Side Two (right)
provides Timeline editing, keyframing shortcuts and effects commands.

The Flap
available to both sides, adds Tool "mousies" and specific Arrow key commands.

With convenient overlap of common commands.

We heard you.
You may now get

(Also part of the new Final Cut Studio 2 Power Pack- save money! See EDITING page)


It's all here-for both Mac and Windows users; for the graphics pro- all at a glance.

Side One (left)
emphasizes rapid tool access, selection manipulation, color and file settings.

Side Two (right)
adds functions for fine image and text editing, layers and web work.

Keypad flap provides a full list of special mouse-key combos, Blend mode and ImageReady shortcuts-- all at your fingertips!

The hidden power of Photoshop®

For both Mac and Windows users: the Illustrator® default keyset.

Side One (left)
Notice how Illustrator's tools are presented prominently, featured with application prefs and settings.

Side Two (right)
de-accentuates tools, adds functions for graphic, text and effect editing.

Global commands appear on both sides for convenience.

Finally, the #1 drawing program has a KeyGuide!



Boris FX's RED 3 GL is giving After Effects a run for its rep, with keyboard power worth study.

Side One (left)
emphasizes project settings, import / export, and tool access.

Side Two (right)
adds commands for composition design, track and timeline layout, plus keys for track properties-- includingOpenGL interactors!

At long last RED users have a KeyGuide


The most popular video post effects tool in the world has a rich and unique new 17" keymap!

Our densest KeyGuide, packed with quickly-accessed commands.

Side One (left)
emphasizes project organization, file import and output, tool access, and new text commands.

Side Two (right)
adds commands for composition and timeline design, plus keys for all Layer Properties-- including 3D!

Keypad flap reveals not only all numeric keypad commands but also dozens of powerful mouse/key actions which save you time.

Built for the discriminating After Effects® user

Also great for users who like to discover and play with new commands.

"Dots per inch is irrelevant in video."

Wrong! DPI is the gateway to scanning for video PPI.

"Just scan everything at 1200 DPI."

Wrong! Too much for large art, too little for small!

"The only way to plan photo prep for video is by calculating WxH frame dimensions for the given format in pixels based on desired enlargement factor."

Or get a life!! Try using...

Typical scanning workload for a documentary producer-- multiple sizes of photos and other flat art.

"Found your ScanGuide Pro tutorial. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It makes perfect sense now."

R- Zaki Gordon Institute, Sedona, Arizona

Check out the free tutorial article here!


Scanning for video will never be a mystery again.

No more fuzzy photos or unneeded rendering! Convenient DPI scan tables help you plan zooms, pan & scan. Save needless render time and stress on your CPU.

You'll be ready for any popular delivery format present and future. 7 format tables for scanning images up to 16,000 pixels:

The Pro guide lists art verticals which reflect actual video frame heights relative to widths in fractional inches, i.e., not generic artwork heights like "8 x 10" but rather "7 1/2" x 10" -- accurate for 4:3 DV -- to help you visualize what might be masked in that fomat when you scan an 8 x 10" photo.
Precalculated for all 4:3 and 16:9 formats.

Excellent workflow companion to Avid Pan and Zoom, FCP, Premiere Pro, After Effects and MovingPicture in FCP or Avid!

Includes tables for all popular HD formats. Great for Motion, AfterEffects, MovingPicture™, Avid Pan&Zoom, and FCP users!

- NTSC SD 4:3
- PAL SD 4:3
- NTSC SD 16:9
- PAL SD 16:9
-720p HD 16:9
-1080i HD 16:9
- Cineon 16:9

Plus image resizing workflows, tips and reminders derived from pro advisors.

Coming Soon: Adobe CS4 Apps!