for Audio Tools


Listen up!

This KeyGuide gives you the location of STPro's many new powerful audio design functions.

Side One (left)
emphasizes tools, setup, navigation and display commands,.

Side Two (right)
for recording, Multitake, timeline editing and output commands.

available to both sides, contains special Apple Loop Utility and File Editor commands.

The sound design tool preferred by Final Cut Pro - fessionals.

(Also part of the new Final Cut Studio 2 Power Pack- save money! See EDITING page)


When you've got two dozen channel strips to gang and you forgot where the Group list functions are, wouldn't it be nice to have a ready reference so you can get back to musicmaking?

Side One (left)
emphasizes session setup, recording, environmentals, organization, editing.

Side Two (right)
For file import, mixing and audio enhancement, plug-in effects, bounce.

Keypad flap
reveals powerful and subtle keypad shuttle controls for playback, and the reverse is packed with special mouse-key combo moves which make ProTools sing!

The powerful ProTools system from DigiDesign has an equally powerful KeyGuide!

Coming Soon: